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Emma Dunham is a multi-award winning photographer
& has been a photographer for 16+ years, specialising in
all things food, drink, products & people related. 

She loves bringing your food to life by delving into the psychology of what
makes clients want your food. This is achieved by creating
beautiful bespoke
images linking the emotion of your food & team into a storytelling
set of gorgeous visuals tying the whole brand together.
Quality images of your food, drink and company  

are one of the top ways to ensure you are perceived as a quality brand.

Then... you get to charge more!

Not only can Emma photograph for you, she can teach you and your team
how to get the best photos for your business, which gives you a
higher level of control in the running of your empire.

If you have a particular project you want to discuss or want more details,
then please contact Emma for more details.

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